Mixing musicians from several major Geneva bands (Indy from ‘Rattlesnake’, Bourreau also known as Bison and Seb from ‘Cosmosonic’, Fred from 'Danila' and 'The Trap') the band wanted to return musically to the very essence of the term “Rock” taking its main influences from bands such as The Ramones, Misfits and Motörhead.

More than just a simple musical project, Ed Banger and the Kardashits is a global concept. Coming from the imagination of guitarist Indy, Ed Banger is as much a musical project, a videogame, short Comic strip describe our society and its shortcomings through the eyes of a being coming from another planet. Ed will tell us pieces of life slices of our reality without taking it too seriously, the Kardashits serving him as a medium to convey his stories.

From his arrival on earth, to the discovery of New York, from his first Star Wars to his first love and its unfortunate consequences, all this and much more will be disclosed by following his adventures both musically and visually.